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  • "Last year, I ran an eight-month long, national raffle using Raffle Creator, and couldn't have been more pleased. The raffle was easy to set up, modify, and promote, the payment gateway was a snap, and Raffle Creator's customer service was incredibly prompt, professional, and personal. Thank you to Justin and the folks at Raffle Creator!!"

    Markgordon 77b79e3c08fa1e2d97c578e2dd1ea5ed0fda7e334211e6c887d78bf0b5c5ce7c

    Mark Gordon, National Co-Chair, 2015 National Assembly of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

  • I am so glad we went with Raffle Creator because all of the support we needed was taken care of by an actual human! I would definitely recommend Raffle Creator!

    Cat ba4e2f682f27858e0dc5124d33d0212f4fd1c113cb53dd6ae8992273971686b8

    Cat Kutz, Conservation Outreach Manager, Rainforest Trust

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