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Raffles are very effective fundraising tools: They're easy to enter and everyone understand how they work. In short, people like and are willing to participate in raffles. This fact alone makes them a good choice for any organization. What makes a raffle even better is the prizes that it offers, and one of the most successful kinds of prizes is a car. Yep, a car. A grand-daddy prize that lures people in.

Ideas For Raffle Prizes

  • Brand New Cars Everyone wants a new car, so by getting a pristine, off the factory model, you'll be opening up your potential entrant pool to a large amount of people.
  • Used Cars these will be easier to acquire than brand new cars, but not as enticing. However, these still work well for certain audiences, particularly high schools and colleges.
  • Car Club Memberships There are a lot of cool vintage car clubs around the country that allow their members to rent vintage, exotic cars for the day. While this prize isn't ownership over a specific car, its still very fun and will attract many people.

Where To Get Your Prizes

Getting a car donated, is hard work. But thats how you get value, right? The work to get a prize in your raffle usually maps well with how your potential entrants will perceive its value.

The path to getting a car donated isn't going to be the same for everyone, but, here's some advice:

  1. First, search your network for car dealers. Does a student have a parent that runs one? Does a co-worker have a brother who's a dealer? Ask around and try to make an initial connection. Even a simple initial introduction to the dealer from someone he or she trusts will set you way above everyone else who is trying to get a donation.
  2. Always meet a dealer in person. Face-to-face conversations are effective, and they can't shoot you down right away as easily!

If a dealer isn't willing to give you a car outright, try angling for a profit sharing deal. Here's a typical one: The dealer will keep a chunk of the profits, say 20-30%, and then you get this rest. Dealers are warm to this idea because they get some great marketing in and some cash as well. However, the marketing aspect goes for any kind of deal: always stress that you will be marketing the dealer's brand to your entrants. As much as much as we glorify altruism, dealers are businesses, and they need to have some skin in the game.

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Looking for Car Raffle tickets?

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